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San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County


This is for routine service (1-7 days) to the San Bernardino metropolitan area. Price is per address. Choose this if the address to serve is in San Bernardino County. Choose this if you need to file new paperwork at one of the San Bernardino County Courts.


* Please note, If you have more than one Defendant that needs to be served at the same address, please select the appropriate number in the options. If there are multiple defendants at seperate address's, change the quantity. If you need to have your documents served on a rush (1-3 days) or Priority (same day) basis, please select the appropriate one in the options. If you do not select the appropriate options, we will serve the documents on a routine (1-7 days) basis with only one set of documents only. you are responsible for entering in the appropriate information*

  • Sending us your documents

    -Please read - Once you are done and have proceeded to check out, you will be sent an automated email. This email will detail how to send your documents to us for serving/filing. If for any reason you haven't received that email, please forward your emailed receipt to and you will be promptly helped.

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